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With the fitness boom that has taken place over the last few years; wearable technology has flooded the market. Every second person is now walking around with a FitBit or a Garmin heart rate monitor. But what exactly is that number on your watch, and how do you know what ... Read More
September 12, 2017Theo Pretorius
Suffering from depression is one of the most isolating things in the world. It can leave you paralyzed with misery, unable to explain to anyone why you feel that way and why it isn’t as simple as getting “your mind right”. While clinical and serious depression will likely require therapy and ... Read More
July 26, 2017Theo Pretorius
Exercise trends: what’s fad and what’s fab? It seems like every day brings with it a new exercise or diet trend. While it’s great that fitness and health has become so popular, it does pose the problem of differentiating between what’s a load of bull and what’s actually worth incorporating into ... Read More
July 13, 2017Theo Pretorius
So we are in the middle of winter and you realize that your jeans are sitting a bit tight around the waist, your energy levels are low and you have not stepped foot into the gym for about a month now. Sound familiar? There is a way out of that rut and ... Read More
June 28, 2017Theo Pretorius
Alana Bonthuys (Pretoria East & Moot Trainer). Specialise in goal planning, weight loss, weight management, toning, high intensity interval training.
October 31, 2016Bodydynamics