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As a Personal Trainer and complete fitness fanatic, I have always had a very clear idea in my head about how my pregnancy is going to be. I mean, I have always had full control over my body, how I eat and train, and we studied all the recommended do's ... Read More
January 20, 2019Theo Pretorius
Research has disbanded the myth that pregnancy is a time for a woman to put her feet up for 9 months and eat for two.
July 9, 2017Theo Pretorius
Yolande Pretorius (Co-owner and Pta-East Trainer). Specialises in weight loss, weight management, toning, pre- and post natal exercise and body transformations.
November 8, 2016Bodydynamics
Bodydynamics Personal Trainer
Bodydynamics Personal Trainer
Chanel Serfontein (Pta Manager & Pta-East Trainer). Specialising in overall fitness, weight loss and toning as well as pre-and post-natal training.
October 28, 2016Bodydynamics