BuggyFit is the first of its kind in Polokwane and Pretoria. BuggyFit allows you to get back into exercise whilst spending time with your baby.

Hugely popular in the UK, Australia and America, BuggyFit allows you to get back into exercise whilst spending time with your baby.
At BuggyFit, our aim is to allow new mums to get a safe, effective workout, whilst spending time with baby and eliminating the problem of childcare. We know your baby is your number one priority, but we also know how important exercise is as part of a healthy post natal recovery and life style. We firmly believe that a healthy body and mind makes a happy mummy.

We specialise in post pregnancy recovery, teaching all the correct exercises and movements to improve your post pregnancy body, fixing any pregnancy-related complications such as pelvic floor weakness, Diastasis Recti (better known as “Mummy Tummy”), Sacroiliac joint pain, and lower back weakness.
Mom’s never have to live with back pain, weak bladder and stomach muscles that are pulled apart.


uggyFit is specifically designed to combat these very common problems Mom’s face.

We specialise in post pregnancy recovery

The classes are made to include mums from all fitness backgrounds with focus on recovery at the start, building up over time on the programme. During the classes, options will always be given to make the exercises harder or easier as required. At BuggyFit we know that no two mum’s journeys are the same.

We also give you the opportunity to meet other mummies and spend time with your baby! Making you a great role model for fitness for your growing little one and improving your overall well being!