Category: Personal Trainers in Pretoria

Theo Pretorius (Co-owner and Pta-East Trainer). Main goal in life is to make an impact on other people to change lifestyles...
November 9, 2016Bodydynamics
Yolande Pretorius (Co-owner and Pta-East Trainer). Specialises in weight loss, weight management, toning, pre- and post natal exercise and body transformations.
November 8, 2016Bodydynamics
Alana Bonthuys (Pretoria East & Moot Trainer). Specialise in goal planning, weight loss, weight management, toning, high intensity interval training.
October 31, 2016Bodydynamics
Anneke Jordaan (Centurion & Irene Trainer). Specialising in toning and weight loss, fat loss and muscle building.
October 31, 2016Bodydynamics
Nadine Card (Pretoria-East Trainer). Specialising in toning and weight loss, Diabetes, training for children and group classes.
October 31, 2016Bodydynamics
Jolandi van der Westhuizen (Montana & Moot Trainer). Specialises in circuit style training & bootcamp style training.
October 31, 2016Bodydynamics
Kyli Brown (Montana Trainer & Yoga Instructor). Specialises in balancing overall fitness, weight loss, weight management and HITT ( high intensity training).
October 31, 2016Bodydynamics
Nicola Coetzee (Pilates Instructor – Pretoria East). Specialist in Pilates – A series of exercises to build strength, endurance, control and flexibility of the entire body...
October 31, 2016Bodydynamics
Adele Sharman
Adele Sharman (Pta-East Trainer). Specialises in weight loss and toning as well as body transformations, and pre-and post-natal training.
October 28, 2016Bodydynamics
Cilliers Naude, Pretoria Trainer. Specialist in weight loss, building strength and improving endurance...
October 28, 2016Bodydynamics